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Our March Madness Bracket Contest brings the excitement and attention of BIG TIME SPORTS PROMOTIONS to your site.

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SIMPLY PUT: We will customize the site to be your Bracket Pool. We will collect your images to display and design the site for your company: a complete white-label transformation. The site can be embedded in your site or hosted by us. All the data collected is yours only. We will provide all the resulting in exportable CSV format. You handle the promotion, we handle the rest.

CONTACT DIRECT: Mike Gregoire /

Customer Engagement Will Keep Them Coming Back

Many service industries cater to the regular patron/client, the one who comes back multiple times, and is the lifeblood of business income streams. Its tough to inspire loyalty and grow these numbers. Adding fun, competitive interactions which our pool software provides, helps draw them in closer. Engagement is the key. Keep your customers close by involving them.

Sports pools are an excellent way to keep them coming back for more. There is no other product on the internet that accommodates the needs of your unique situation than Whether you just want a simple all-inclusive bracket contest, or a regional breakdown based on demographics or locations, we can deliver a turn-key solution for you and your customers.

And the best part is we do all the work, and you collect all the info. Everything is automated so your investment is only fiduciary and not time involved.

Unlimited Entries - One Low Cost: $189.95
No Ads - No Spam - No Selling Your Entrants Info

- Brand The Bracket Pool As Your Company's Own -
- Sports contest promotions work great for Radio/TV Stations, Newspapers, Sports Bars, Corporate Team Building... -
- Collect customized data -
- Reinforce Your Brand with Your Clients -


What Are The Advantages?


        - Draw More Potential Customers To Your Website
        - Generate Online Ad Revenue
        - Supplement your Client Email Database with entrants to your contest
        - Increase traffic to your site with Iframe enclosure of ours.
        - Public Relations winner with your customers.
        - Improve customer loyalty.
        - Collect specific customer data
        - Displays great on mobile or full screen

        - And introducing this year: A SWEET SIXTEEN contest included for FREE. Same rules as your full blown 64. But after the first weekend of play, your contest entrants can re-up their interest in the Sweet Sixteen Contest. This doubles all the opportunities mentioned above!!

"Over 90% of our commercial clients come back year after year"

Salesforce/Team Building

Many times we experience a tough workplace environment that does not have many outlets for team building and camaraderie because of distance or stress of the industry itself. Promoting an in-house contest for the employees can help raise morale and promote a general good faith amongst each other. It gives food and fodder for the water cooler conversations. The excitement of great sporting events tend to unite us all in fun banter and goodwill.

CONTACT DIRECT: Mike Gregoire /

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HOW THIS WORKS: Fill out the form below. Our graphic people will go to your current website and gather relevant images and color schemes. With those we will incorporate it with our software and create a contest website that fits closely with yours, completely branded with your name and no mention of From there, we will send you a preview. Nothing is paid until you approve the final design. And if you don't like what you see, there is no obligation on your part.

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